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Nominate the year's best performances for HSOT Honors

HighSchoolOT Honors, HSOT Honors

May, 8 2017, 5:09 PM

Nominations are now open for the inaugural HighSchoolOT Honors awards. Don't miss your chance to nominate a winner through June 4 at midnight.

Return to vote for the top nominees in each category from June 12-25.

Make your nominations and see our picks within each subcategory.

The awards

Awards are made in three categories: Players & Coaches, Spirit and Games. Here are the awards in each category. Winners will be announced in late June.

Players & Coaches

Extra Effort Athlete (Male)

Extra Effort Athlete (Female)

Athlete of the Year (Male)

Athlete of the Year (Female)

Courage Award (Male)

Courage Award (Female)

Coach of the Year (Male)

Coach of the Year (Female)


Best Mascot

Cheerleading Team of the Year

Marching Band of the Year

Best Social Media Presence

Best Uniform


Play of the Year

Game of the Year

Upset of the Year

Story of the Year

Best Championship Performance

Don’t miss your chance to nominate the best in each category. Use #HSOTHonors on social media to share your top picks and rally behind your favorite school.

Only the top 5 in each subcategory will make it to the voting round starting in June, so be sure to share and nominate now!